Creating a banner in Microsoft PowerPoint

Banners are a great way to attract the attention of the audience at events, exhibitions, websites and other places. They may contain important information, company logos, or other design elements to make your message more visible. Creating a banner in Microsoft PowerPoint is easy, and in this article we will look at how to do it step by step.

Step number one

Launch PowerPoint and create a new presentation. Click on the Microsoft PowerPoint icon on your computer and open the program. Select “Create a New Presentation” and create an empty slide. This slide will become your banner. Setting the banner size. Go to the “Design” tab at the top of the screen. Click on “Page Settings” and select “Slide Settings”. In the Orientation section, select Landscape to create a horizontal banner. Enter the banner size you need. Usually banner sizes can be different, but typical values are 24×60 inches or 36×72 inches. You can also enter your own size.

Adding text and images

Click on your created slide banner. Add the text, titles, and images you want to see on the banner. Use text and image formatting tools to customize their appearance. You can also insert logos, shapes and other design elements to make the banner more attractive.

Background Settings

Select the slide and go to the “Design” tab. Click on the “Background” and select a color, texture or image for the background of your banner. You can also leave the background transparent if you plan to print the banner on a transparent film.

Completion and saving

After you have created a banner according to your preferences, make sure that all the elements are in the right places and have the right dimensions. Save your presentation so you don’t lose your job. To print a banner, you can export it as a PDF or an image by selecting “File” -> “Export”. Select the desired format and print settings. Now you have a ready-made banner created in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can send it to print and use it for various events and marketing purposes. Don’t forget to save the original presentation so that changes can be made in the future or create new banners based on it.

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