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There are many ways to promote a website, most of which are described on our website. Let’s consider another one — banner exchange. The whole point of the system is simple — you show my banner, and I’ll show yours. The problem is that until you get a good attendance rating, your banner will be shown very rarely, since it is doubtful that someone will agree to change with you so that your banners are shown a lot and you show a little. If you want it to be like this, you will have to pay money, which, as we understand, you do not have yet. If you have them, you can go to the website of any of the sponsors and offer yourself as an advertiser. But if your site is unremarkable, no promotion will help it, and you can just squander all the money on it.

Payment is made either according to the scheme for xxxx impressions — x dollars, or according to the scheme for xxxx clicks — xx (already more) dollars. In banner exchange services, as a rule, you are offered to pay only for impressions, and they are not interested in clicks. Or, as already mentioned, you simply exchange impressions with them.

A good idea was the so-called Web rings (Web rings), combining sites of the same subject. The process of admission to such systems is usually automated and after registration you will be offered to take a piece of HTML code in order to add it to your page. This is also a banner, only payment is made not in dollars, but in views of your page. At the same time, you pay (by showing the banners of competitors) and the competitors themselves (by showing your banners).

InterReklama Advertising Network

There are three categories of sites: Business Network, Internet and Personal Pages, Chats, Entertainment. When registering, the moderator there (according to one of the criteria known to him) assigns your site to one of these categories. The most prestigious category is the Business Network, then the Internet and, finally, Personal Pages. A site from a lower category does not have the right to display its banners on the sites of a higher category. The system allows you to advertise pages taking into account the interests of visitors — only those pages that correspond to the topic you have chosen are selected for displaying banners. You can even set the days of the week and the time of day when to show your banner. When a user comes to a page with your advertisement on any of the servers, the system determines his location and gives you the opportunity to show the advertisement where you want it — the so-called geographical targeting. To participate in the exchange, you need to register in the system for free, get a code, post it on your page. The profit from paid advertising will also be credited to your account (if your page meets the client’s requirements).On one common account in the system, you can register an unlimited number of banners in all different corners of the network. It is possible to set different parameters for each of the banners.The cost of placement is $ 5 per thousand impressions. The commission for the exchange of banners is from 50% if you have up to 150 impressions per day, to the same 15% for which you need to show at least 5000 banners per day. The maximum banner size is 12 KB, viewed and approved/disapproved by the administrator within two days.

RealMoney Banner System

A banner system specifically for moneymakers. Admin’s brainchild Realmoney.Ru . It uses 120×60 banners, allows you to place one banner per page, so that it is at the top of the page. Thanks to all these precautions, the CTR remains not that very low. An excellent choice for resources with a theme that complements sponsored sites. In addition, there is a top in the number of impressions, which increases the attractiveness of the system. In general, we advise everyone to join — this is the only network that we are ready to sincerely praise.


The most popular banner exchange system. It is divided into two sectors-gold (Gold) and regular (Classic). Golden is already popular sites with a high rating and with a lot of traffic, it is not so easy to get there, since a strict selection is made. For gold sites, the exchange is carried out with a coefficient of 86%. The usual sector is new and unverified pages, here the coefficient ranges from 50% to 86%, depending on the number of visitors per day. The system is characterized by a low CTR, since RLE Classic users are mostly small pages that place banners so that they are not immediately found.Recently, failures in the display of advertising have become more frequent. The system is not very fast, there are a lot of glitches. They can delete your account at any time without any reason. An interesting story related to this system is that as soon as the local administrator was convincingly proved that the category of sites disconnected from the network as not conforming to the rules actually corresponds to them, as the rules were immediately changed. In general, they will do as they want. For gold sites, it is possible to transfer impressions to other accounts, as a result of which the cost of impressions on the black market is $0.5-$0.7 per thousand. However, banners of other systems on the black market are even cheaper…

RLE is the first exchange system that, in addition to the standard ones, allows you to show HTML banners — they usually load much faster. Banner size — 100×100 — up to 10Kb 120×60 — up to 10Kb 468×60 — up to 15Kb

RB2 is the same as Reklama.Ru, but works with 100×100 banners. The maximum size is 15 KB, each new participant is provided with lifting in the amount of 20,000 impressions. The official cost of impressions is $3.5 per thousand. Allows the placement of two banners on the same page, but does not like banners from other systems. Especially does not like buttons — does not allow more than five buttons on a page with RB2 banners.

Flamingo Banner Network

The Flamingo-2 system is now available, which assumes tighter control over your page than the old system. The system provides an opportunity to view a variety of statistics, their banners will replace any counter, although referrers do not show. You can place multiple banners with different settings. The system, as they say, collects information about users, tries to show the reader a new banner every time. Any user of the system has access to all the targeting opportunities provided, and when paid advertisers appear, a certain percentage of the system’s profit is paid to the participants. And they really do it!

List Banner Exchange

Another List project.Ru, shows about 1500,000 banners a day, of which 25% (and this is no joke) are banners of Omen and on Omen. So they will come to your page mainly from Omen, which charges a fairly large commission from all participants — 30%. You can’t accumulate impressions — if you show 5,000 banners per week, then you can’t accumulate more than 5,000 impressions. In theory, this is done in order to reduce the influence of the black market, but people still bypass it. Banners up to 20 KB, average CTR — 2.

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